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  PEANUT AWARE School For the safety of our students with severe allergies, peanuts, peanut butter and tree nuts are not allowed in our schools and concession stands. School breakfasts and lunches will not produce or sell any food that contains peanuts, peanut butter or tree nuts. Homemade treats will also not be allowed in classrooms for birthdays or holidays.


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Earlham Schools are committed to meeting our students’ nutritional needs. Healthy meals promote success in and outside of the classroom. We offer a variety of nutritious foods in an environment that respects student and staff needs.

Nutrition Standards:  Breakfast and lunch are available to every student in the district, and our meals meet or                 exceed the US Department of Agriculture nutrition standards, which require:

  • half of the tray should be fruits and vegetables (1/2 cup servings of each)

  • age-appropriate calorie servings

  • a wide variety of vegetables

  • fat-free unflavored or flavored 1% milk

  • foods rich in whole grains

  • limited sodium

  • zero trans-fats

2017-18 Meal Prices

Breakfast Prices







$ .30






Monthly (4 weeks)




*Breakfast is served 7:30 a.m. to 8:05 a.m.

Lunch Prices









$ .40

$ 3.65






Monthly (4 weeks)





  • All meals are served with milk

  • Please complete the Juice/ Water FORM granting permission to your elementary student to purchase juice or bottled water (.60 cost) 

*The monthly and weekly prices are estimates.
You may deposit any amount in your lunch account.

We encourage any parent or guardian to join us for a meal!

 Extra Items (K-12) and A la Carte Prices (7-12)


Extra Items


A la Carte Items


Lunch Entree





Lunch Side 



Beef Jerky Pack


Extra Milk



Cheese/Beef Stick


8 oz Juice or water



16 oz. Bottled Water


Breakfast Entree



Apple Juice/OJ 


Yogurt/ Cereal 



Propel /Green Tea





12 oz. Gatorade



 You can monitor your student's purchases/deposits online:

 JMC Parent Login link


Family Accounts - All students from one family share one account. This means only one check needs to be sent for all the students in a family.

Individual student accounts can be set up, if a parent/guardian prefers. Please make sure to indicate on the check which account it should be deposited into.

District-Wide Use - Students may use the funds in this account for breakfast, lunch and A la Carte items.

Please read the District Meal Charge Policy 2017-2018


For any questions about your lunch account transactions
or with help with logging into JMC, please email

Leslie Winey at or call 515-758-2214 Ext. 101


If your child has a disability or life-threatening food allergy and you would like a substituted menu, you will need to complete a Diet Modification Form. You may call the School Nurse, Monica Tibben at 515-758-2214 ext. 126, or Kitchen Manager, Karen Hauschildt at 515-758-2214 ext. 136 with questions. These forms will need to be signed by a physician licensed by the State and returned to the nurse. Requests for special diets must be submitted annually and updated by a physician annually.

 Free or Reduced Meals
Did you know that you can apply for free and reduced meals at any time through-out the school year? If you were not eligible at the start of the year, but have had a change of income from events such as being laid off, the free and reduced program can help. Please contact Leslie Winey to complete an application. Forms are also available in the District office. All information regarding the application is considered highly confidential by staff.

Free or Reduced Meals - How It Works 
Students on the free or reduced lunch program are eligible to receive one lunch and one breakfast each school day at the free or reduced price. Each meal must consist of three items from different food groups to qualify.

BREAKFAST: 1/2 cup of a fruit is now required for a meal. Students must take 3 of 4 offered food groups:

LUNCH: students must take 3 of 5 offered food groups. Students are required to take at least 1/2 cup of a fruit or vegetable. 

*If what a student has on the tray does not qualify as a meal, the items will be charged at A la Carte prices - you will not receive the free/reduced benefit.
*Extras are not included in the free/reduced program and will be charged at regular prices.
*These rules are set by the USDA as part of the National School Lunch Program.


Please contact Leslie Winey or call
515-758-2214 ext. 101
with any questions

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